Dance: Feb. 4 – 10, 2013

Quick Crew
Asian Concept 2013

Echo – Eminem

Cry – Bingo Players

Jawn Ha
Snap – Audiopush

Mike Song & Tony Tran
Sleigh Bells – Demons


Dance: Jan. 21-27, 2013

Shaun Evaristo
Sure Thing – Miguel

Syrene Bartolome
UFO – Coldplay

Love Lost – The Temper Trap

Jerome Esplana
Party We Will Throw Now – Warren G ft Nate Dogg

Patrick Godinet
Don’t Get Me Started – Ace Hood

Pat Cruz
Lemme See – Usher

Vinh Nguyen
Turn Up the Music – Chris Brown

Trumpet Lights – Chris Brown

Album Review: Fun – Some Nights

1. Some Nights: 1.00
2. We Are Young: 1.00
3. Carry On: 0.75
4. It Gets Better: 0.00
5. Why Am I The One: 1.00
6. All Alone: 1.00
7. All Alright: 0.75
8. One Foot: 1.00
9. Stars: 0.75
10. Out on the Town: 1.00

Score: 83%

FUN’s hit album is one of the most enjoyable albums of 2012. Their first two singles caught my attention because of their anthemic nature. I don’t think one can define 2012 without a mention of the swaying lighter-inducing We Are Young. Their songs remind me of My Chemical Romance’s epic hit Black Parade with its beats and marching bands. If you like their singles, you will surely love the album. The songs have that epic quality and are filled with a rousing energy and a sense of urgency that are both inspiring and empowering. My favorite from the album is One Foot. I could live and die with just the beats. It’s insanely good that I even got teary-eyed with this song. There is a recurring theme of hope, perseverance, and carrying on, and coupling it with the grandiose beats, you can’t help but be moved. All Alone and All Alright (an odd resemblance to Pet Shop Boys by the way) both also echo this theme and it seems intentional that the sadness of the lyrics is overpowered by a happy upbeat tune. I think the only miss in the album is the punked up It Gets Better whose sound is really out of place. Also, despite the beauty of Stars, I can’t understand why they had to use autotune in his vocals. It made it sound less authentic and sincere. I hope they can release another version of that song. Critiques aside, Some Nights remain an important and powerful album that I think should be required listening for the youth of today.

Album Review: Jason Mraz – Love is a Four Letter Word

1. The Freedom Song: 0.00
2. Living in the Moment: 1.00
3. The Woman I Love: 1.00
4. I Won’t Give Up: 1.00
5. 5/6: 0.00
6. Everything is Sound: 1.00
7. 93 Million Miles: 1.00
8. Frank D. Fixer: 0.75
9. Who’s Thinking About You: 0.50
10. In Your Hands: 1.00
11. Be Honest: 1.00
12. The World As I See It: 1.00
13. I’m Coming Over: 1.00
14. You Fckn Did It: 0.75
15. I Never Knew You: 0.25
16. Collapsible Plans: 0.00
17. Don’t Change: 0.50

Score: 69%

Favorite song in the album is 93 Million Miles!