1. Queen of California: 0.75
  2. The Age of Worry: 1.00
  3. Shadow Days: 1.00
  4. Speak for Me: 0.75
  5. Something Like Olivia: 0.00
  6. Born and Raised: 1.00
  7. If I Ever Get Around to Living: 0.25
  8. Love is a Verb: 0.75
  9. Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967: 1.00
  10. Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey: 1.00
  11. A Face to Call Home: 0.75
  12. Born and Raised (Reprise): 1.00
  13. Fool to Love You: 1.00

Album Score: 79%


If there’s one thing John Mayer does best, it’s his way of telling a story and you can really see and feel where he’s coming from with his songs. This album takes an even more bluesy and almost country turn than his previous album. The opening song is very much country. Except for a few love songs where Mayer has a knack for hitting the nail in the head, it’s the songs that talk about other issues that provide important insights. The Age of Worry and Shadow Days seem to be referring to the economy. Speak for Me refers to the twisted truth that the media sometimes portray. Whiskey is obviously referring to alcoholism as a direct result of solitude & loneliness. One of the most interesting tracks is Walt Grace’s Submarine Test and it’s probably the best, aside from the title track. However, there are some tracks that I just don’t get like Olivia. Overall, it’s not his best album but it is very good as usual. I happen to love his past 3 albums to death. Maybe it’s the content where I feel disconnected. I feel like when he talks about life and love, that’s where the money is. That’s where he’s excellent at and I hope that’s the path he would focus on in the future.