1. One More Night: 0.00
  2. Payphone: 1.00
  3. Daylight: 1.00
  4. Lucky Strike: 0.00
  5. The Man Who Never Lied: 0.50
  6. Love Somebody: 1.00
  7. Ladykiller: 0.25
  8. Fortune Teller: 1.00
  9. Sad: 1.00
  10. Tickets: 0.25
  11. Doin’ Dirt: 0.00
  12. Beautiful Goodbye: 1.00
  13. Wipe Your Eyes: 0.75
  14. Wasted Years: 0.75
  15. Kiss: 1.00

Score: 63%


I think the only songs that I really liked from Maroon 5 were Sunday Morning (my favorite) & the song that cemented their status, She Will Be Loved. However, I’m quite surprised that there are a couple of songs here that can actually go into my iPod. I like the songs they’ve released so far except One More Night. I’m baffled as to how it hit the top of Billboard charts for how many weeks. I don’t get it. Anyway, there’s plenty to like here. My favorite would have to be Beautiful Goodbye because it has the Sunday feel to it. The central theme of the songs is regret, and this song beautifully embodies that sentiment. The band also tried to use some house beats here and there. Sometimes it works, like in Love Somebody, which they should release as a single. The songs I didn’t like were of the Harder to Breathe breed that doesn’t connect with me. I like the gravelly beats they added to Wasted Years and you can also tell they had fun doing that long cover of Kiss to which they added a southern rock attitude. All in all, I am surprised that I ended up liking more songs than I initially expected, which isn’t a bad thing at all.