1. Parade: 1.00
  2. She’s So Mean: 0.50
  3. Overjoyed: 1.00
  4. Put Your Hands Up: 0.00
  5. Our Song: 0.75
  6. I Will: 1.00
  7. English Town: 0.25
  8. How Long: 1.00
  9. Radio: 0.75
  10. The Way: 0.50
  11. Like Sugar: 0.00
  12. Sleeping At the Wheel: 1.00
  13. Waiting on a Train: 0.75
  14. I Don’t Wanna Be Loved: 0.00
  15. I Believe in Everything: 1.00
  16. Straight for This Life: 0.75
  17. Help Me Through This: 0.75

Score: 65%


It’s so good to have Matchbox 20 together again after all these years. They have become part of my high school/college soundtrack with Push, Back 2 Good, & Unwell playing again and again in my music player. It’s also comforting to know that not much has changed in terms of their sound. There are a lot of good songs in this album. My favorites are Overjoyed and How Long. Everything else mostly range from good to great. Different sounds include English Town which would be appropriate for an action movie scene, The Way which was not sung by Rob but by Kyle (incidentally making it an odd man out in the album), and I Will. The bonus tracks such as I Believe in Everything should have made the album cut. Actually all of them should have. They are hit songs in themselves (except for I Don’t Wanna Be Loved). Overall, a great comeback effort from the band!