1. The A Team: 1.00
  2. Drunk: 1.00
  3. U.N.I: 0.75
  4. Grade 8: 0.00
  5. Wake Me Up: 0.50
  6. Small Bump: 1.00
  7. This: 1.00
  8. The City: 0.75
  9. Lego House: 1.00
  10. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You: 0.00
  11. Kiss Me: 1.00
  12. Give Me Love: 1.00
  13. Autumn Leaves: 1.00
  14. Little Bird: 0.00
  15. Gold Rush: 1.00
  16. Sunburn: 1.00

Score: 75%


Ed Sheeran is a true blue singer-songwriter-storyteller and a romantic one at that. Listening to his album makes me want to find someone to fall in love with and break my heart, so I can absorb the sweets and stings in his songs. I got teary-eyed in the tragic Small Bump which tells the story of a miscarriage and Autumn Leaves which is a lullabye for a dying lover. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite in the list since there’s a lot of stories Ed offers. Maybe it’s The A Team which tells of a life gone wayward. It’s the struggle within the song that really got me and it’s something that I really connect with. There are some songs that have silly lyrics and feel out of place but all in all, I fully recommend the album. He is like a slightly more poetic Jason Mraz with a hint of the melancholy of John Mayer. I cannot wait to watch this loveable ginger if ever he visits my country! 🙂