1. Man on the Moon: 0.50
  2. Home: 1.00
  3. Gone Gone Gone: 1.00
  4. Hold On: 0.75
  5. Tell Me A Story: 0.25
  6. Get Up Get Down: 0.00
  7. Where We Came From: 1.00
  8. Drive Me: 0.00
  9. Wanted Is Love: 0.00
  10. Can’t Go Wrong: 1.00
  11. A Fool’s Dance: 0.50
  12. So Easy: 1.00
  13. Hazel: 0.50
  14. Take Me Away: 0.00

Score: 54%


For those who said that Phillip Phillips shouldn’t have won American Idol, this album is proof that he can make beautiful and relevant music. There are two or more songs in there that could reach the top of the charts. Aside from the coronation song Home, Gone Gone Gone is another one that could make a name for him. His sound is part-Dave Matthews, part-Mumford, and part-country, which brings out the melancholy that is inherent in his voice. The part that I didn’t like is when he starts to strain his vocals for that pained wailing effect he uses too often in Idol. It could sound grating and unpleasant at times. Overall, it’s a hit-and-miss but for the hits, he really knocked them out of the ballpark. It’s a voice and a sound that’s relatable and a good story-telling tool and if used properly it can prove to be a quiet force.