Album Review: Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

1. Thinkin Bout You: 1.00
2. Sierra Leone: 1.00
3. Sweet Life: 1.00
4. Super Rich Kids: 1.00
5. Pilot Jones: 1.00
6. Crack Rock: 0.75
7. Pyramids: 0.75
8. Lost: 1.00
9. Monks: 0.25
10. Bad Religion: 1.00
11. Pink Matter: 0.75
12. Forrest Gump: 1.00
13. Golden Girl: 1.00

Score: 88%

I am not even an R&B/Hip Hop fan, but I really believe this is one of the best albums of the year. All those hype about Frank Ocean, I get it now. This is an absolute masterpiece.


Album Review: The Killers – Battle Born

1. Flesh and Bone: 1.00
2. Runaways: 0.75
3. The Way It Was: 1.00
4. Here With Me: 1.00
5. A Matter of Time: 0.50
6. Deadlines and Commitments: 1.00
7. Miss Atomic Bomb: 1.00
8. The Rising Tide: 0.50
9. Heart of A Girl: 1.00
10. From Here on Out: 1.00
11. Be Still: 1.00
12. Battle Born: 0.25
13. Carry Me Home: 0.25
14. Prize Fighter: 0.50

Score: 78%

Dance: December 17-23, 2012

Justin Bieber – Christmas Eve (PusWood)

Gangnam Style with a Jazz Funk Flavor (Macky de Guzman & Cyrus Vergara)

My Neck My Back (Macky de Guzman & Cyrus Vergara)

Just Got Paid – NSYNC (Chris Banaga)

Slow Down – Bobby Valentino (Chris Banaga)

Yeah! 3x (Chris Banaga)

Invented Sex – Trey Songz (Emilio Dosal & Brandon Harrell)

The Awesome Kyle Hanagami – Movement Style Showcase

Album Review: Ed Sheeran – +

  1. The A Team: 1.00
  2. Drunk: 1.00
  3. U.N.I: 0.75
  4. Grade 8: 0.00
  5. Wake Me Up: 0.50
  6. Small Bump: 1.00
  7. This: 1.00
  8. The City: 0.75
  9. Lego House: 1.00
  10. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You: 0.00
  11. Kiss Me: 1.00
  12. Give Me Love: 1.00
  13. Autumn Leaves: 1.00
  14. Little Bird: 0.00
  15. Gold Rush: 1.00
  16. Sunburn: 1.00

Score: 75%


Ed Sheeran is a true blue singer-songwriter-storyteller and a romantic one at that. Listening to his album makes me want to find someone to fall in love with and break my heart, so I can absorb the sweets and stings in his songs. I got teary-eyed in the tragic Small Bump which tells the story of a miscarriage and Autumn Leaves which is a lullabye for a dying lover. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite in the list since there’s a lot of stories Ed offers. Maybe it’s The A Team which tells of a life gone wayward. It’s the struggle within the song that really got me and it’s something that I really connect with. There are some songs that have silly lyrics and feel out of place but all in all, I fully recommend the album. He is like a slightly more poetic Jason Mraz with a hint of the melancholy of John Mayer. I cannot wait to watch this loveable ginger if ever he visits my country! 🙂

Album Review: Phillip Phillips – The World From the Side of the Moon

  1. Man on the Moon: 0.50
  2. Home: 1.00
  3. Gone Gone Gone: 1.00
  4. Hold On: 0.75
  5. Tell Me A Story: 0.25
  6. Get Up Get Down: 0.00
  7. Where We Came From: 1.00
  8. Drive Me: 0.00
  9. Wanted Is Love: 0.00
  10. Can’t Go Wrong: 1.00
  11. A Fool’s Dance: 0.50
  12. So Easy: 1.00
  13. Hazel: 0.50
  14. Take Me Away: 0.00

Score: 54%


For those who said that Phillip Phillips shouldn’t have won American Idol, this album is proof that he can make beautiful and relevant music. There are two or more songs in there that could reach the top of the charts. Aside from the coronation song Home, Gone Gone Gone is another one that could make a name for him. His sound is part-Dave Matthews, part-Mumford, and part-country, which brings out the melancholy that is inherent in his voice. The part that I didn’t like is when he starts to strain his vocals for that pained wailing effect he uses too often in Idol. It could sound grating and unpleasant at times. Overall, it’s a hit-and-miss but for the hits, he really knocked them out of the ballpark. It’s a voice and a sound that’s relatable and a good story-telling tool and if used properly it can prove to be a quiet force.

Album Review: Matchbox 20 – North

  1. Parade: 1.00
  2. She’s So Mean: 0.50
  3. Overjoyed: 1.00
  4. Put Your Hands Up: 0.00
  5. Our Song: 0.75
  6. I Will: 1.00
  7. English Town: 0.25
  8. How Long: 1.00
  9. Radio: 0.75
  10. The Way: 0.50
  11. Like Sugar: 0.00
  12. Sleeping At the Wheel: 1.00
  13. Waiting on a Train: 0.75
  14. I Don’t Wanna Be Loved: 0.00
  15. I Believe in Everything: 1.00
  16. Straight for This Life: 0.75
  17. Help Me Through This: 0.75

Score: 65%


It’s so good to have Matchbox 20 together again after all these years. They have become part of my high school/college soundtrack with Push, Back 2 Good, & Unwell playing again and again in my music player. It’s also comforting to know that not much has changed in terms of their sound. There are a lot of good songs in this album. My favorites are Overjoyed and How Long. Everything else mostly range from good to great. Different sounds include English Town which would be appropriate for an action movie scene, The Way which was not sung by Rob but by Kyle (incidentally making it an odd man out in the album), and I Will. The bonus tracks such as I Believe in Everything should have made the album cut. Actually all of them should have. They are hit songs in themselves (except for I Don’t Wanna Be Loved). Overall, a great comeback effort from the band!

Album Review: Maroon 5 – Overexposed

  1. One More Night: 0.00
  2. Payphone: 1.00
  3. Daylight: 1.00
  4. Lucky Strike: 0.00
  5. The Man Who Never Lied: 0.50
  6. Love Somebody: 1.00
  7. Ladykiller: 0.25
  8. Fortune Teller: 1.00
  9. Sad: 1.00
  10. Tickets: 0.25
  11. Doin’ Dirt: 0.00
  12. Beautiful Goodbye: 1.00
  13. Wipe Your Eyes: 0.75
  14. Wasted Years: 0.75
  15. Kiss: 1.00

Score: 63%


I think the only songs that I really liked from Maroon 5 were Sunday Morning (my favorite) & the song that cemented their status, She Will Be Loved. However, I’m quite surprised that there are a couple of songs here that can actually go into my iPod. I like the songs they’ve released so far except One More Night. I’m baffled as to how it hit the top of Billboard charts for how many weeks. I don’t get it. Anyway, there’s plenty to like here. My favorite would have to be Beautiful Goodbye because it has the Sunday feel to it. The central theme of the songs is regret, and this song beautifully embodies that sentiment. The band also tried to use some house beats here and there. Sometimes it works, like in Love Somebody, which they should release as a single. The songs I didn’t like were of the Harder to Breathe breed that doesn’t connect with me. I like the gravelly beats they added to Wasted Years and you can also tell they had fun doing that long cover of Kiss to which they added a southern rock attitude. All in all, I am surprised that I ended up liking more songs than I initially expected, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Album Review: Mumford & Sons – Babel

  1. Babel: 1.00
  2. Whispers in the Dark: 0.75
  3. I Will Wait: 1.00
  4. Holland Road: 0.75
  5. Ghosts That We Knew: 1.00
  6. Lover of the Light: 0.75
  7. Lovers’ Eyes: 0.75
  8. Reminder: 0.25
  9. Hopeless Wanderer: 0.25
  10. Broken Crown: 0.00
  11. Below My Feet: 0.00
  12. Not With Haste: 0.50
  13. For Those Below: 0.75
  14. The Boxer: 1.00
  15. Where Are You Now?: 0.75

Score: 63%


I have to admit that it’s my first time hearing Mumford & Sons’ music. It’s just that they’re creating so much buzz that I just have to listen for myself. I heard I Will Wait on the radio and shivers just shoot up my spine. The sweetness and the yearning, you could feel it all in under 5 minutes. It’s a sweeping love song that will bring your thoughts to that one person, if you still haven’t gotten him/her. That’s the good thing about their music. It takes you somewhere — a place in your heart, a memory, a scene from a movie, your future. There’s a sense of epicness in their banjo-filled repertoire. Who knows the banjo can be quite stirring? I didn’t, until now. The first half of the album is really good. Aside from I Will Wait, the title track Babel is the next best thing and I can’t help but bang my head to every beat of that song. For me, the latter half is where the problem starts. There’s just not enough variety and every song seems to sound the same as I go through the album. The poetry is still there but there’s a certain heaviness & dreariness that’s almost uncomfortable. The bonus tracks are better, esp. the remake of The Boxer. I think I have to listen to their first album to compare, but all in all, I like this band. They offer something different and some of their songs are award-worthy. So I am only about 50% sold now.